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Cavelossim beach is a beautiful beach known for its contrasting black rocks and white sand, it is also a quiet and peaceful beach that has lately seen many shacks mushroom in the area.People from far and wide come here to spend a little time with nature on this beautiful beach. The way to Cavelossim is fairly easy, if you’re going South along National Highway, turn left at Chinchinim, follow the road and take a left at the Orlim Main Road, follow this road till you reach Cavelossim.

Cabo da Rama

Located in Canacona taluka Cabo da Rama - Cape Rama -, takes its name from Rama, the hero of the Hindu epic Ramayana, who, along with his wife Sita holed up here during his exile from Ayodhya. The promontory was crowned by a fort centuries before the Portuguese cruised in and wrested it from the local Hindu rulers in 1763.alt They erected their own citadel soon after, but this now lies in ruins; a crumbling turret still houses a couple of rusty old Portuguese cannons. Until 1955, the bastion housed a prison; now its only habitable building is a lonely government observation post occupied from time to time by a couple of young scientists from the National Institute of Oceanography.

Mobor Beach

The Mobor beach in Goa is one of the most popular tourist sites in the city. Every year thousands of tourists come to the beach to indulge in water sports. In fact, the Cavelossium-Mobor is famous for water sports. The water sports at Mobor beach at Goa include speed boat rides, jet ski, water skiing, banana and bump rides, wind surfing, parasailing and many others. These water sports takes place behind the Betty Palace. Besides the water sports, tourists can also enjoy the thrill of biking in the beach. Biking in the sand seems to be a favorite activity of the tourists coming to Mobor beach.

Night life in Cavelossim

The Tito's brand evolved more than 25 years ago and now it covers a variety of pubs and night spots in Goa….to a whole new level altogether. Now "Club Tito's" is the top end exclusive and signature nightclub at the 5 star Radisson Blu Beach Resort with the very latest in sound, light and AV engineering for enhanced clubbing experience. Showcasing international live acts, DJ performances and shows visible only at the 10 top nightclubs in the world — Fabric (London), Paradiso (Amsterdam), Zouk (Singapore), to name a few, this Club has a star studded year round club event calendar which includes the best entertainment content from the best DJs and performing artistes from the Indian club, film, music scene and worldwide. These would include theme nights, live performances, film and audio premieres. The Club's vibrant menu has exotic cocktails premiering for the first time in Goa with a professional bartending team with international experience.

Panjim Church

The early church was completely re-built from its foundations in 1619 and this was even considered, taking accountof the still negligible population of the area and the size of the new church, is a striking commentary on the religious climateof the time and the wealth available to the churches.alt The interior of the church is relatively simple by the standards of the time although the backdrop to the main altar, dedicated to Mary Immaculate, is impressive enough. However, it is the two flanking altars that catch the eye, that on the left dedicated to Jesus Crucified and that on the right to Our Lady of the Rosary. Each is a riot of heavily gilded, deeply carved ornamentation, yet compact and controlled, a fine example of the period. At the side of each is a marble statue, one of St Peter and one of St Paul.

Old Goa

Life in Old Goa, the principal city of the Portuguese eastern empire from 1510 until its abandonment in 1835, was anything but dull. Its rise was meteoric. Over the course of the century following the arrival of the Portuguese in Goa, the city became famous throughout the world. One Dutch visitor compared it with Amsterdam for the volume of its trade and wealth; at its 17th-century zenith, Old Goa (then known as Ela) was bigger than Lisbon and known as the 'Rome of the East.’ However, its fall was just as swift, and eventually, plagued by epidemic after deadly epidemic – cholera, malaria and typhoid among them – the city was completely abandoned.

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